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Find Care Now: Child Care     View
To search for a provider in a specific area, users must first register (free). Providers are listed by city under each state. Entry details range from just name and phone number to Web pages with full information, including costs and services, progra ...

Los Trabajadores/The Workers     View
A companion site to a PBS program that "brings to life the vivid contradictions that haunt America's dependence on and discrimination against immigrant labor." The site includes an overview of day labor and day laborers, a brief interview w ...

On the Corner: Day Labor in the United States     View
This January 2006 report on day labor in the United States "is based on a national survey of 2,660 day laborers." The "findings reveal that the day-labor market is rife with violations of workers' rights." Data in the report cover ...

Veterans Day     View
This site, put together by the Department of Veterans Affairs, has many resources about Veterans Affairs, including the history of Veterans Day, an online collection of Veterans Day posters, and Veterans Day-related activities for kids.

Child Care Aware     View
This group "is a non-profit initiative committed to helping parents find the best information on locating quality child care and child care resources in their community." The "Child Care Connector" provides information about locat ...

Seventh-Day Adventist Church     View
This official website includes sections on the beliefs, structure, history, statistics, and news related to Seventh-day Adventists. Contains the Church Manual and other documents as well as links to worldwide regional offices and institutions operate ...

Kids' Domain: Holiday Fun     View
Learn about holidays from many cultures and places. Each holiday page has crafts, games, coloring pages, information on the holiday and links to other resources.

Today in History: May 30, Soldiers' Memorial Day     View
Collection of resources about this holiday, "[established] in 1868, [when] Commander in Chief John A. Logan ... issued General Order Number 11 designating May 30 as a memorial day 'for the purpose of strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating ...

United States Department of Veterans Affairs: Memorial Day     View
This page provides background on the U.S. Memorial Day holiday celebrated in May, covering history of the holiday (first celebrated following the Civil War) and the significance of taps and the poppy flower. Includes links to national cemeteries, vet ...

Making Valentines: A Tradition in America     View
This online exhibit "is designed to show the evolution of the Valentine's Day card." It features annotated images of early Valentine cards from before 1850, background about Esther Allen Howland (an innovator in Valentine card design and pr ...



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