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Aztec Calendar     View
An explanation of Aztec calendars (the xiuhpohualli and the tonalpohualli); "most information on this Internet-site refers to the tonalpohualli, which is the sacred calendar." Provides descriptions and images of daysigns and gods, a calcula ...

The 10,000 Year Calendar     View
A perpetual calendar; allows users to check days of the week for dates in history and in the future. Browsable, not searchable, but easy enough to use.

Gregorian-Hijri Dates Converter     View
Convert an Islamic calendar Hijri date ("the Islamic calendar. It started in the moon year in which prophet Mohammed immigrated from Makkah to Madinah") to the Gregorian date or vice versa. From a computer scientist.

Multi-Cultural Calendar     View
Holidays around the world. Search by month, holiday, country, or keywords. Many include recipes, crafts, history of holiday. Online Hindu Vedic Calendar     View
"Panchangam is the Indian Calendar, which has been in use for centuries. This calendar covers everything from the phases of the Moon, the positions of stars and planets, and identifies auspicious times and days for various activities." Online panchan ...

The Lectionary Page: A Liturgical Calendar For Upcoming Weeks     View
"This site was created to support all those who need access to the lesson texts of the Episcopal (ECUSA) Eucharistic Lectionary," based on the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible. The texts are presented in calendar form, as we ...

The Ides of March: Just One of a Dozen Ides     View
"The soothsayer's warning to Julius Caesar, 'Beware the Ides of March,' has forever imbued [March 15] with a sense of foreboding." This site from explains the meaning behind the expression "Ides of March" and the sy ...

The Calendar Zone     View
Offers daily and interactive calendars, information regarding the significance of dates in history, religion, and geographically, and provides descriptions of various calendars, events, and holidays.

Interfaith Calendar     View
Dates and descriptions of holidays from a multitude of world religions and cultures. Displayed on customized Gregorian calendars, this site will help you keep track of important current and future dates.

Virtual Perpetual Calendars     View
A site that currently provides the calendar for any year in the 19th-21st centuries. You can also look up the dates for holidays in the United States and Canada from 1995-2010. Other features include a quick reference to signs of the zodiac and sea ...



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